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Another Case of Benzoic Acid Safety Levels, How PacLab Can Help You

Another Case of Benzoic Acid Safety Levels, How PacLab Can Help You

press release was recently put out by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on 2nd September, 2022, where a local importer of a certain brand of soy sauce was found to have flouted the minimum food safety levels for a common food additive, benzoic acid.

Indeed, over the past few months, several types of food products that were sourced from errant food importers, manufacturers, and distributors have been singled by the authorities to have been found to have breached the minimum levels of various food additives, of which, the most common ones were benzoic and sorbic acids.

SFA takes a zero-tolerance approach towards such offenders, therefore it is important for food-related companies to engage a well-recognised, well-accredited and all-encompassing food safety testing services organisations like PacLab Pte Ltd – Pacific Lab Services (PacLab).

As a multi-decade, and well-equipped organisation dedicated towards ensuring that the food safety testing needs are well taken care of by a team of dedicated qualified staff, PacLab leaves no customers behind when it comes to advising, and attending to the various food safety testing concerns expressed by all our customers.

There is no time to waste when it comes to any breaches of food safety standards that might disrupt your businesses. At PacLab, our team is prepared to work with you, and guide you step-by-step in ensuring that top-quality food safety requirements are thoroughly met. So, do the right thing now to protect your company’s reputation, PacLab stands ready to ensure that your operations are not disrupted by such sudden extended food safety recalls.


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