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March 2024

Appointment of Dr Wu Jien Laboratory Manager

Dr. Wu Jien brings with him a wealth of extensive knowledge, boasting an impressive 20 years of research experience and a solid background in microbiology, synthetic biology and analytical chemistry.

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February 2024

Feed Enzyme Testing

Why Pacific Lab Services? • Precision: Unrivalled accuracy in results. • Efficiency: Swift turnaround times to meet your operational needs. • Global Accessibility: Seamless access to our services, wherever you are. • Expertise: Benefit from the industry's best-in-class knowledge and proficie

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September 2022

Another Case of Benzoic Acid Safety Levels, How PacLab Can Help You

A press release was recently put out by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on 2nd September, 2022, where a local importer of a certain brand of soy sauce was found to have flouted the minimum food safety levels for a common food additive, benzoic acid.

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August 2022

Severity Of E.Coli Contamination. How PacLab Can Help

The latest recall notice issued on 29th August, 2022 by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on one of the local mooncake distributors whose products were found to have presence of Escherichia (E.Coli) contamination far exceeding the microbial limits, goes to show that authorities take a no-nonsense app

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July 2022

One Case Too Many Regarding Abnormally High Levels Of Food Preservatives

With one recent local episode just over regarding abnormally high usages of food preservatives, namely benzoic acid/sorbic acid, two more separate cases popped up again on 27th July, 2022,

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