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Laboratory Services Singapore


Pacific Lab Services is a renowned name in all kinds of laboratory testing services for Veterinary Animal Feed Industry, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complete Food Nutrition Industry. 

Pacific Lab Services extends beyond providing quality results with our most advanced and sophisticated cutting edge technology and equipments. We are also committed in providing professional advice and warm assistance to our clients to support your success.

Pacific Lab Services can be categorized into two big clusters:

  1. Chemical Test
    A leader in the industry with cutting-edge agricultural, animal nutrition and feed analysis technology. Comprehensive quality control analysis, microbiology food testing, food nutrition component testing, vitamin and mineral testing, food safety testing, food labeling, alcohol profiling and Traditional Chinese Medicine analysis. Stringent quality testing spans across all levels of industries including pharmaceuticals & agro-chemicals
  2. Microbiology Test

    The state-of-art microbiology laboratory utilizes both conventional FDA-BAM method and 3M Petrifilm technology to provide all routine microbial cultures, enumeration tests, and pathogen identification for human food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Our microbiology services include enumeration and identification of microbes- Total plate count, Coliform - E.coli count, Lactic acid bacteria count, Yeast and Mold count and Bacillus count, identification of Listeria, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, with turnaround times as short as 36 hours.

Since 1970s, Pacific Lab Services provides comprehensive services in the Animal & Human Nutritional Analysis to global clientele and partners. With a strong history of results and growth in the Nutritional Analysis field, Pacific Lab Services has been a trusted provider globally with the promise of :

Pacific Laboratory Singapore