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Laboratory History and Milestone
The Developmental Years
Pacific Lab was first formed as an in-house laboratory of a large feed mill company in South East Asia. The small in-house testing service gradually developed into an independent laboratory services company in 1970s and by 1995 Pacific Lab Services was formally taking shape as a reliable source of laboratory testing services in Singapore.
Our Growth & Strengthening Years
In 1996 Pacific Lab started to provide nutrition labeling for business food. By 1997, we got our first ISO-17025 accreditation which made our services internationally recognized. With an International Accreditation, we were ready to venture into new avenues and services in 1998.
Our Years of Expansion and Diversification

Our services bloomed into a competent laboratory to conduct high quality tests for feed, nutrients and food industry. By year 2000, we were fully equipped to conduct analysis of all vitamins nutritional value as well.

As our customer base increases, we were constantly upgrading our team members' capabilities, laboratory facilities and state-of-the-art equipments.
With this development, we took the challenge to diversify into Chemical Analysis.

By 2003 we were fully equipped to conduct all kinds of chemical analysis as well, including agro chemical.

In 2005 we started our metallic elements testing catering to the Chinese Medicinal industry. Our growth and reliable services spur us to expand into testing of food contamination.

In 2007,we started to provide food contamination services.

Today Pacific Lab Services is a renowned name in all kinds of industrial testing laboratory services for Feed Industry, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Chinese Medicine, Complete Food Industry and Microbiology. 

We are proud to state that we are accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 (SAC-SINGLAS) by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) for our high quality services and sophisticated cutting-edge technology.