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One Case Too Many Regarding Abnormally High Levels Of Food Preservatives

One Case Too Many Regarding Abnormally High Levels Of Food Preservatives

With one recent local episode just over regarding abnormally high usages of food preservatives, namely benzoic acid/sorbic acid, two more separate cases popped up again on 27th July, 2022, and this time round, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has to step in and suspended the production, and distribution of various food products involving 9 food manufacturers, and separately, one local confectionary products company over abnormally high applications of benzoic acid/sorbic acid amounts, and sulphur dioxide preservatives that were found in many varieties of their respective local delicacy products.

With repeated cases of food manufacturers being singled out for food preparation-related oversights, isn’t it time for you as a business owner to step up and undertake more regular, stringent food testing requirements of your food products. At PacLab Ltd. (PacLab), we believe that we are the right food testing laboratory services partner that you can entrust us with all your food testing requirements to us. Moreover, as a SAC-SINGLAS accredited laboratory, PacLab, with its multi-decade industry experiences, coupled with dedicated team of highly-skilled laboratory staff members, we provide comprehensive range of food testing services, including chemical testingmicrobiological testing, and efficacy and quality testing services all under one roof.

If you are still unsure about how PacLab can help you minimise such preventable run-ins with the authorities, come check us out, call us, email us, or simply type in your queries through the chat boxes of our social media channels, and our product specialists stand ready to assist you.


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