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Severity Of E.Coli Contamination. How PacLab Can Help

Severity Of E.Coli Contamination. How PacLab Can Help

The latest recall notice issued on 29th August, 2022 by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on one of the local mooncake distributors whose products were found to have presence of Escherichia (E.Coli) contamination far exceeding the microbial limits, goes to show that authorities take a no-nonsense approach in clamping down on errant food manufacturers who are found to have flouted the food safety regulations.

Whether it might be an oversight or human errors, food distributors should never let down their guard on its in-house food safety practices. One of the best approaches in minimising such incident occurrences is to engage a top-quality, highly-accredited, and well-calibre international food testing laboratory like Pacfic Lab Services (PacLab).

Headquartered in Singapore with multi-decade experiences, PacLab has the necessary industry-standard accreditations to conduct multiple types of food testing services including E.Coli. In fact, PacLab has a highly-specialised microbiology laboratory that is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art testing equipment used for various types of microbial detection, identification and enumeration services for the food, beverage, animal feed, and other industries worldwide.

So, to all the food manufacturers out there! Don’t gamble your company’s reputation by letting down your guard over food safety standards. Do your part in safeguarding your corporate and consumer health safety interests by engaging an industry-accredited food testing laboratory like PacLab now!