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July 2022

Unacceptable Levels Of Sorbic Acid – Is It Preventable

Following last week’s announcement of a separate product recall regarding high concentrations of heavy cadmium metals contamination, another unfortunate food product recall incident occurred on 1st July, 2022 regarding unacceptable concentrations of sorbic acid found in in this food preservative

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Heavy Metals Contamination – How PacLab Can Help

In a media release published on 30th June, 2022 by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), a well-known fish products dealer was singled out by SFA to have its seafood products being contaminated by heavy cadmium metal levels that have fell short of the minimum food safety requirements, and has been direct

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April 2022

Are You Concerned About The Spate Of Food Safety Lapses

Time and time again, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has issued several product recall notices, including the latest incidents involving salmonella contamination found in a widely distributed brand of chocolates. (Please refer to the latest SFA Press Release).

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March 2022

Benzoic Acid-Tainted Food? Hurry! Get All Your Testing Done At PacLab

Worried over Benzoic Acid-tainted food, especially after recent reports of food manufacturers having found to have higher-than normal amounts of this food additive in their food products.

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June 2021


Vibrio parahaemolyticus is one of the important foodborne pathogens, and in recent years, has been the leading cause of human gastrointestinal illness via the fecal–oral route.

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