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December 2019

Are you confident that your raw materials, production facilities and finished goods are pathogen-free?

Pacific Lab Services can test it for you. Pacific Lab was established in 1971 and since then, we have always been known to be the most sophisticated and best equipped laboratory in the region.

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March 2019

New Test Service: Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

Pacific lab is now offering a new test service : Disinfectant Efficacy Disinfectant Efficacy Test is performed to demonstrate that the disinfectants used on surfaces in manufacturing areas, animal farm or other facility areas are effective in inactivation or removal of microorganisms, such as bacter

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January 2018

Free Trial Limited-only Offer

Pacific Lab Services, a recognized leader in all kinds of laboratory testing services for Veterinary Animal Feed, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complete Food Nutrition is pleased to announce yet another quality laboratory service for you. We now offer microbial count using P

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November 2017

News | November 2017

Pacific Lab Services has enrolled in the 2017 3M Petrifilm Sustainability Program which aims to save water, reduce waste and provide significant reductions in environmental impacts.

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October 2017

Pacific Lab Microbial Enumeration Test Meets International Standards

As high accuracy of test results is our priority, Pacific Lab Services continues to validate our tests protocols, machines, equipments and lab technicians by regularly enrolling in proficiency tests for decades. Self-Improvement is a part of our promise in providing the best for our partners, we go

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